I'm Josephine, a UX designer and researcher at the Harvard Business Review who thrives in the early-stages of the design process where I can tackle complex user flows and champion a research-first approach.

As part of an agile scrum team, I work closely with developers and PMs to lead research and design solutions across our site and products. I collaborate with multiple teams such as Editorial, Marketing, and Analytics to work on projects that range from improving our on-site search to researching our podcast and video audiences. 

During my time at HBR I developed personas to be used across the organization and worked in our Innovation Incubator to develop a project within Microsoft Teams. 

Prior to HBR, I designed experiences and educational resources across the US, UK and China working within edTech and travel. 

When not solving problems for users, you can find me indoor rock climbing, sketching at local art museums, or listening to NPR podcasts.

Josephine Massey