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Etsy Home_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.png
Etsy Home_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.png
Custom Home.png
Etsy Home_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.png
Custom Home.png


How do we provide Etsy users a streamlined way to request custom items?

The Project

My Role

Within a 3-person team, I:


  • Designed and iterated the mid-fidelity digital wireframes in Sketch and conducted 5 rounds of usability testing with them. 

  • Managed the project timeline, organization and kept track of key deliverables. 

  • Informed all decisions along the UX process, as well as conducted competitive analysis with 2 competitors.


Etsy, an online marketplace of over 60 million handmade and specialty items, has no way for buyers to request custom-made items from sellers. We designed a mobile app feature that created a streamlined custom-item request process. 


2-Week Design Sprint


Axure RP

Adobe Photoshop

The Problem

The Solution

Etsy, an online marketplace of over 60 million handmade and specialty items, doesn't have a feature that allows buyers to request custom-made items from sellers.

My team of 3 set out to understand if this problem existed for Etsy's users and how we would design the custom feature.


After several iterations informed through multiple rounds of usability testing, we came up with a streamlined solution that addressed the business' needs and prioritized our primary persona.

Etsy Home_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.png


UX Process

Design Process Graphic.png

Stakeholder Research

What are our business considerations?


The main stakeholder for this project was Etsy. Because we couldn't speak with them directly, we had to outline what business objectives Etsy would want to achieve with their new feature. 


We defined  these goals as:


  1. Achieve 10% of total online sales from Custom Feature within first year

  2. 70% or more of Custom sales transactions will achieve a 4-star rating or above from buyers


We compared Etsy's mobile app to its competitor's online sites and mobile apps to understand how Etsy compared across different feature offerings such as product discovery, messaging, filtered search and payment options. 


Our research goal was to see if any of Etsy's competitors offered a way for buyers to request custom items.

We discovered that competitors did not offer a custom item feature and that if users did want to request custom items they would have to do so through direct messaging. 

Competitive Analysis

What features do we need?

Etsy Competitor Analysis

We compared Etsy's mobile app to competitors such as Instagram, Ebay and UncommonGoods and conducted qualitative analysis to understand whether they offered a custom item 

User Interviews

Buyers and sellers: Who are our users?


Etsy has two primary users: buyers and sellers

Primary Persona

Secondary Persona

Secondary Persona

Primary Persona

Affinity Mapping

Doesn't know if store has item before going there.

Pain Points

Has to ask for help to find items in-store

Pain Points





Wants to support local businesses and would choose them over a competitor.

Uses hardware store when needs something immediately

Buys items for dorm room

Wants to save time and willing to sacrifice on price in order to get what he needs more quickly

Uses hardware store for projects

Looks for specialized items 

P2 persona 2.png
P2 persona 1.png

The Student

The Architect

User Flow

App Map

Revised User Flow

Prioritizing the buyer


A custom feature for buyers

Etsy Home_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.png


What did I learn?

Next steps

If you have multiple users, you have to prioritize one.

Communication is key. Our team struggled most when we weren't on the same page. Finding ways to explain what our ideas were - whether by changing our language or drawing it out - helped us get back on track.

Check out the next project


A concept UX team project to add feature to Etsy mobile app that allows buyers to request custom items.

Check Back Soon


Etsy Home_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.png
Custom Home.png
Etsy Home_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.png
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