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Hi! I'm Josephine. I'm a strategic user experience researcher with a background in business development currently leading research at Capital One.


Harvard Business Review

personas as use-cases

Creating personas to be used across the Harvard Business Review to help understand 10-million+ users by distinct use-cases. Includes moderated user interviews, data synthesis, empathy mapping, and journey mapping.

HBR Personas.png

Harvard Business Publishing x Microsoft

learning in the flow of work on MIcrosoft Teams

Building an automated tool within Microsoft Teams to help employees learn and apply their learnings while at work. Includes moderated user interviews, workshop facilitation, journey mapping, user flows, wireframing, wizard of oz testing, and prototype testing.
Ignite Beta.png


Simplifying the mortgage application process

Design of point-of-sale system product demo for mortgage fintech startup. Includes moderated user interviews, persona creation, card sorting, user flow creation and usability testing.

Lo-fi mockup of Dickson Bros. Hardwar Ecomerce Site
Homepage Copy.png

Dickson Bro's Hardware

expanding hardware store to ecommerce

A concept UX project focused on information architecture and producing a mid-fi clickable prototype in order to integrate ecommerce into hardware store site.
Lo-fi mockup of Dickson Bros. Hardwar Ecomerce Site

Code For Boston

helping people get their records cleared

Web app developed in partnership with Citizens for Juvenile Justice to help people in Massachusetts get their records cleared.

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